Welcome to FauxPixel! To start your journey through the criminal life of Los Santos sign up with the link in the upper right and head to your apartment. If you just want to play the minigames as a standalone go to the minigames page to the left of that on the sign up button, or the tutorials page to the left of that one to learn how to play the games. If you want to learn about the projects development and the team go to the about page, and if you want to check for news about changes to the app just scroll down to look at the most recent patch notes.


05Feb2022 - 1.2.2: Asteroids

Added asteroids minigame. Again there is no current plan to implement this game into the core experience, I'm just making some games for fun and to practice/learn some things and am using this domain to host them.

25Jan2022 - 1.2.1: Lightbike

I added a new minigame called lightbike, but it currently has no implementation to the fauxpixel journey and likely won't.

11Nov2021 - 1.2.0: Police Escape Game Improvements

Pong/Oxy: Added the ability to play local two player on mobile. Each player touches their half of the screen split down the middle to move their paddle. Escape game: Redesigned the random map generation in terms of obstacle placement to be slightly procedural and form something more representative of buildings in a dense city as opposed to scattered pylons. Additionally, lessened the total map size for more optimized performance on lower spec machines as well as added a hand brake / drifting mechanic for a more engaging player experience. Lastly readjusted the target tile numbers to paint over in order to achieve a successful escape and allowed the minigames tab version to give you the full time for high score hunting purposes.

06Nov2021 - 1.1.0: Canvas based updates

Made fixes for mobile play of the two Canvas based games pong/oxy and the police escape game so that dragging won't cause the page to scroll or refresh. Additionally resized both games to enhance the player experience particularly on mobile.

31Oct2021 - 1.0.0: Baseline Patch

The site has been up for awhile now but I only just finished making all of the minigames for things like house robberies and police chases so I would still consider this as the 1.0.0 patch. As of this update when you do a house robbery you will actually have to pick the lock, search around the house, and then potentially escape the police and the same goes for Oxy runs and bank jobs. There's still a lot of tuning that I probably missed like typos or disjointed event logs and I also want to make better minigames for some of the tasks but for now I'm happy to call it playable. Before I do any work on new minigames though I want to get all of those tuning things I mentioned patched up and work on some online multiplayer functionality.