The Five W's:


The core concepts behind the site come from GTA RP fivem mods and most specifically the NoPixel server, however thus far all of the work for this website has been done strictly by myself, Robert Radford. You can see more of my work from either my github or my portfolio, and you can also feel free to reach out and get in touch with me on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn GitHub Portfolio


The goal of this site is to take the recreations of NoPixel minigames I made and tie them together in a manner similar to how playing through the corresponding events would be done on the NoPixel server.


I started working on recreating the minigames in my freetime back in May of 2021 and then started tying them together here in June. I had a number of personal matters that were much more important to me come up and I couldn't work on this project for a little over a month, and then when I had the time again I had lost motiviation to finish it, and so it went until now in late September before I came back to finish it.


NoPixel Forums Minigame Remakes


During the peak of NoPixel streaming content I was really enjoying watching content while I did work on the side. At that same time I had been struggling to think of any personal projects I wanted to work on for fun, and the hacking minigames seemed easy enough to recreate. I had never made a site with timed elements in quite the way that they would require for the bank hack minigame specifically, and so I really enjoyed putting that together. Aside from I thought that the time and work put into it would pay for itself and be reusable as a good outline for a future browser RPG game I intend to make.