Burgershot Work

Once the thermite starts you will see a 6x6 grid of squares, with 3-8 blocks highlighted and numbered in sequence. At that point you will have 5 seconds to memorize the order, and then 1 second per number to click on the highlighted blocks in the appropriate order. If you click a block out of sequence or run out of time you will fail.


When you press start you will see 'Get Ready!' and then after 1 second you will see a circle with a number between 1 and 4 in the center appear. The circle will have a progressing bar and a green wedge somewhere on the perimeter. To successfully pick the lock you need to hit the indicated number when the progression bar is inside of the green wedge. If you miss the timing or you press the wrong key you will fail the lockpick.

Bank Hacking

The first step in the hacking process is seeing a mixed combination of the numbers 1 through 4 (1-5 for the vault hack) in four (five for vault) separate blocks and you will need to memorize which block they are in within 2 seconds. After that the blocks will change to have a random background color, a random shape with its own random background color, text of a random shape as well as text of a random color with their own background color, and a random number with it's own background color as well in addition to a question prompt with two questions with a digit referring to the previous block with that digit, and asking for one of:

By default you will have 5 (7 for vault) seconds to answer and press enter, running out of time to type or not hitting enter will result in a failure, and you will need to successfully repeat that process 5 or more times to successfully complete the hack.

Using this example, the block that had 4 in it was the third from the left, and that blocks background color is yellow. The block that had 6 was the 4th from the left, and it's text background color yellow. Lastly the block that had 2 was the right most block and it's text background color is orange, so the answer would be 'yellow yellow orange'.


Once the thermite starts you will see a 6x6 (5x5 for jewelry thermite) grid of squares, with 14 (10 for jewelry thermite) random squares highlighted. After 5 seconds the highlighted squares will blend back in with the other squares and by default you will have 8 seconds to click all of the previously highlighted tiles. If you click a correct square it will highlight again, and if you click an incorrect square it will highlight red. If you click 3 incorrect squares or run out of time the thermite attempt is a failure.


For the wiring mini-game you will be shown 5 USB port slots labeled 1-5 in proper left to right order and each of them will be labeled with a unique background-color and shape symbol pairing. You will have 6 seconds to remember what color/shape pair goes to what number, and then you will see 5 cables with a shape at the end of the cable and a color along the cable itself and you need to type out which order the cables are in within the time interval set (8 by default).

For the above pairing the answer would be 43251, matching the port numbers with the cables left to right. You will need to complete 4 sets of these to succeed.

House Robbery

I wanted to simulate the experience of a house robbery within FauxPixel, so I created this mini-game. On PC you can move around the home with WASD keys and on mobile you will have a d-pad on screen to click or you may also click tiles adjacent to the character to move on either platform. Your character is the purple block, walls are blue, burgundy is furniture or obstacles, green are searchable areas, yellow the entrance to the home, and bright red is large objects. When you grab a large object your purple block will change to have a red circle inside of it signaling you're carrying the object and you need to walk to the entrance to drop it off before doing anything else and it will also instantly add 5% to the police encounter chance. The longer you spend the higher chance that police arrive, if the chance hits 150% while you're inside you'll be breached and captured without a chance to flee.


For the oxy run game and single player mode as well as for player one in the two player mode your paddle will be the left paddle. On computer player one moves their paddle with w for up and s for down, and if you are playing two player the second player uses the up arrow key and down arrow key similarly. On Mobile if you tap above the paddle it will start to move upward and continue until you release or drag beneath it and the same goes the other way around for tapping beneath the paddle. I originally intended for mobile to be played in landscape mode but had a lot of trouble with getting a reasonable sizing so tapping didn't scroll in your browser so I made adjustments to sizing and recommend playing in portrait view. It is a common game of pong but for those who never played it before your objective is to align your paddle with the ball as it approaches and prevent it from going off screen. The first to score 5 points wins, in the Oxy run game losing means being caught by police and winning means a successful oxy run, but for each point scored against you there is a 20% chance of the police catching your vehicle on the way out and needing to flee.

I built this pong game to practice using canvas in HTML5 before I made the police chase game, but I also had no idea what to do for the oxy run mini-game and decided to just put it there in the meantime so eventually I may swap it out for a better fitting mini-game. Making an AI that could actually lose was harder than making one that could functionally play the game, and to achieve a good balance without ruining the feel of the game I added a mechanic where if you hit the ball while moving up it increases the balls upward speed, and the opposite for hitting it moving down, as well as increasing the x speed either way. Also, I put in a check to limit how often the AI could make a decision on the direction it needed to move to let it make mistakes some times. Your goal will be to keep adding as much y-axis speed as you can without missing the ball until the AI slips up for the most part.

Police Chase

Once you click start you will see a screen similar to one of the images above, and you assume the role of the car of course. From there you can accelerate forwards by holding the 'w' key or backwards by holding the 's' key, as well as turn right by holding 'd' or left by holding 'a'. Alternatively you can click/tap and hold anywhere on the screen and the car will turn to face where you tapped and accelerate forwards. If where you hold is behind the car it will reverse the rear of the car away to face the front of the car towards where you are holding. If you hold the space bar or tap the E-Brake button available on mobile you will lose speed quickly but be able to take much sharper turns. Red squares are the boundaries you cannot drive out of, and orange squares are obstacles that if you run into will stop you and drop your speed to 0.

As you drive on the open grey spaces you will turn tiles you drive over to a green color and you will see the number in the bottom right increase for each tile you convert to green. Your overall objective is to paint over a set number of tiles (1150 for non-bank and Fleeca chases, 1400 for Poleto, 1550 for the Vault, and 2/3 of those values while on mobile) within 2 minutes reflected on the timer at the top and if you do you will escape, if the timer hits 0 first you are caught. The last number at the bottom left is a speedometer. In the mini-games menu rather than trying to escape you will get the full two minutes and be told how many blocks you painted over at the end of the time, so aim for the highest you can get!


This game will play like a traditional lightbike/tron mini-game. For those who do not know what that means, in essence you and some other "bikes" of varying colors will be riding around in a grid. You can maneuver only on cardinal directions 'up, left, right, down' and you cannot stop moving. As you drive you will leave a trail of your color. Colliding into any tile that isn't an open pale blue colored tile will destroy your bike including your own trail. You can change direction with the 'w, a, s, d' keys or by clicking on the screen. For clicking the new direction will be determined by the distance from the center of the bike, for example 2 inches above and one inch right will always input the upward direction.


For this game you play a spaceship navigating an asteroid field. You can move with the 'w, a, s, d' keys and aim with the cursor. Holding shift will allow you to use a speed boost to double your acceleration and triple your top speed for a short time. The boost recharges quickly while not being used. Asteroids will spawn somewhere at the outside of the screen at an increasing rate up to a set limit and will move across the screen at a random speed. Colliding with an asteroid will destroy your ship! Each asteroids has a durability based on it's color, that being in order of toughest to weakest, "black, brown, red, orange, yellow". Each durability phase takes 3 lasers to get through. Clicking and holding will consume an energy based ammo to fire lasers. You constantly recharge weapon energy, but at half the normal rate while firing. Lasers will also only travel a medium distance before dissipating. You also have access to two mass energy discharge weapons. First you have a shotgun type weapon useful for blasting a hole through clusters to escape tight situations or just for faster damage output. You can use the shotgun while having at least 6 ammo by holding right click to aim and releasing it to fire. It will fire all remaining ammo in a 45 degree cone in front of you. The lasers in the shotgun cone will dissipate faster than the normal laser shots. Secondly you have a railgun usable while having 9 or more ammo by clicking and holding the middle mouse button to aim and releasing to fire as well. The railgun will fire all remaining ammo as one large energy blast that does not dissipate while traveling. The railgun initially deals damage equal to the ammo consumed, but can penetrate with reduced power as it goes forward. When you fire the railgun your ship will take a toll and be pushed a distance backwards and be unable to operate for a time, both values increased by the amount of ammo used in the shot. This weapon is best used only when there's a large cluster to penetrate through. Additionally both discharge weapons will put you in an overloaded state where you cannot recover ammo or boost. The duration of that state is increased by the ammo used in either discharge. Your objective is to survive as long as you can and take out as many asteroids as you can in that time. You will receive a final score equivalent to minutes survived (decimals for seconds will be used) multiplied by asteroids destroyed and rounded down. Lastly, you can pause by pressing either space, escape, or p.

On mobile the screen will be split into left and right halves for inputs. Touching either side will create a translucent blue circle as the center of an effective analog stick. On the left side the stick will control movement and on the right side the stick will control aiming and will fire while held. For the movement, the stick is giving analog data and needs to be converted to digital 'w,a,s,d' inputs so for simplicity if you hold above the center it equates to w hold, under is an s hold, and left or right is a and d holds. To make a more reliable and enjoyable experience there is an effective dead zone immediately around the center for each direction. If you pull way above center and slightly left it will only input 'w', so if you want up and left you may need to pull further left as well. The speed boost is not available on mobile, but you can use discharge weapons by changing your active weapon. There will be a bar above your ammo count with an 'm', 's', and 'r' icon. Tapping m will activate normal lasers, s will activate the shotgun, and r will activate the railgun. You can tell what is active by the opacity. A large number of values are changed from mobile to pc to make the game more enjoyable. Lastly to pause on mobile you can tap the pause button in the upper left corner.